Turihaua is the oldest Angus Stud in Australasia and has been managed by 5 generations of the Williams family on the same property for the past 106 years.

Foundation dams were purchased in 1897 by J.N. Williams and the first registrations occurred in 1906. Bulls were originally bred to supply other Williams properties. The stud gradually expanded and by the 1950’s sales were attended by many NZ breeders and farmers.

Emphasis has always been on growing a fertile dam herd, which includes mating yearling heifers. Structural soundness and phenotype are of upmost importance.

This philosophy still continues today with the added dimension of performance recording.

Turihaua genetics have filtered right through the New Zealand Genetic Pool. Export packages of semen and embryos continue to grow with sales recently to Canada, Argentina, Vanuatu, Australia and USA.