Breeding objectives: To improve fertility, calving ease and weaning performance to produce beef, to increase profits for clients.

Genetic objectives: To optimise and prioritise the breeding objectives using performance recording systems, raw data and visual assessment and letting the environment dictate and reflect the genetic potential of the herd.

Our vision is to be the leading supplier of quality Angus Genetics that will produce beef profitably for you. Our breeding programme is designed to produce early maturing animals with moderation in growth, milk and muscle. We strive for excellence in fertility, structural soundess and carcase merit.

Our herd is run under strictly commercial conditions on steep hill country and at high stocking rates. Both bulls and females are continually assessed for performance using objective measurement and the time honoured skill of visual appraisal. We have been doing this longer than any other Angus breeder in New Zealand. Our cattle are backed by the best 3-year guarantee available in this country.