SIRETurihaua Crumble Y167
DAMTurihaua U170

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Turihaua Break was leased as a yearling to Turiroa Angus, Wairoa in 2009 and then sold to a commercial client in 2010. He was purchased back in 2012 to use in the Stud Herd. At the 2012 Turiroa 2 year sale, 15 sons sold for an average of $15,000 with a top price reaching $72,000 to Oregon Angus. He is a Turihaua Crumble Y167 son who has plenty of volume and power. He is a strong meaty bull with good feet and legs. His dam Turihaua U170 has had 7 calves in 7 years. 2 sons have sold to stud and 2 daughters are still in herd.

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